Insurance & Non-insurance

Insurance & Non-insurance


Insurance Replacement

If your roof requires replacement due to weather-related damage, a claim should be filed with your insurance company to determine if they will cover the replacement.  A dedicated specialist from your roof replacement companу will accompany you throughout the process including meeting with your insurance adjuster and reviewing the insurance property claim with you in detail.  

Homeowner’s insurance for roof replacements may be different than you are accustomed to and depending on your policy, will be paid out in portions.  The first payment, called the actual cash value (ACV), will be paid directly to you.  Upon completion, many customers will also receive depreciation, which will be outlined in the insurance property claim and is dependent on policy type.  It's important to note that your deductible is a component of the cost of the roof and is payable to Hammer House Roofing.  All payments due to Hammer House Roofing will be outlined in the roofing contract. 

Hammer House Roofing will help to ensure this process is as seamless as possible for you by partnering with you and your insurance company.  We are always available to provide support and guidance in the process.

Non-Insurance Replacement

Utilization of homeowner’s insurance is not required to replace your roof.  There are various circumstances in which a homeowner may choose to pursue a non-insurance roof replacement, sometimes called a “retail roof”.  Our commitment to you is to provide a free, transparent, fair, and competitive quote to ensure you are receiving the highest quality roof for your home and budget.  We recognize that replacing your roof is a large financial commitment, so we have partnered with Hearth to offer you low monthly payment options, if needed.

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Bob M.
We used Hammer House Roofing to replace our hail damaged roof and gutter system. The materials arrived on a Friday, and by the following Wednesday the roof was complete. Several of our neighbors had materials sitting in their driveway for several weeks! We had 1 minor problem with a roof vent for the dryer that clogged up. Chris and his crew...
Laura T.
Chris and Hammer House Roofing was the best decision I made when it came to my roof. I was going through an emotional estate sale and once I contacted the insurance company, Chris took over and made it super simple and hassle-free. He took care of everything! Will definitely be using Hammer House Roofing in the future!
Bridget H.
So easy to work with! Always helpful and always willing to work to meet your schedule. I have used him several times and every time I am pleased.

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